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Zodiac & Blood Type

Aries & A-type
March 21 - April 19

for Men
Personality: You are perceived to be passive, warm-hearted and quiet. However, you do own strong pride and ego, which no one can convert. You have the instinct of a pioneer and that is why you enjoy competing under competitive circumstances. This is why you fit for as a natural leader. Be careful of your destructive, hot temper. Sometimes it is necessary to show gentle expressions on your face.

Love Tendency: You have trouble expressing your feelings but you have all the romanticism stored in your mind. Now you just have to try to get this across to your partner because you are not the typical one-night-stand style of guy. You wish your partner would understand your mood swings a little more because that is basically the only negative trade about you. After all, your wish is to just meet a girl and keep a long relationship. Who knows if this is the person for marriage?

Life: Your strong, competitive spirit is a great asset for your future career. Employers really respect you because you are responsible and diligent. One day you will be acknowledged for that. Avoid stepping on other people or else you will hear that you are a tactless man. Take solid, small steps during your middle ages because you can experience a big downfall for that.

for Women
Personality: You are diligent and have a strong sense of will-power. You are truly courteous to elders. Although people perceive you as being ordinary, you are passionate what you feel adamant about. Due to your true will-power, you don't mind working hard to achieve your goal. Thank your pride for being able to confront any difficulties in life.

Love Tendency: You conceive a single-minded affection. You often consider that love is equal to marriage. You can loose your affection for your partner because you are aware that there are other fish in the sea. If you want to assure your love to your partner, a letter, phone call, or a small gift can assure him of that.

Life: You do not have many friends because of your lack of empathy. However, the few that you have are true to you and forgive you for what you are lacking. A late marriage is advisable for you to avoid separation. Your leadership will be acknowledged in the community.


Good Match: Your most compatible match can be a Gemini, Aries, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius of O and AB blood types. You can say that this is love at first sight. Attraction with them occurs almost instantly because you share the same instinctive feelings. This is chemistry at its peak! Those of O-type have this certain aura that can lead you toward the proper direction of life. The reason why you are compatible with the above AB-types is because they provide you with this certain level of comfort zone nobody else can give to you. A-types of the above-mentioned zodiac signs are also ok.

Bad Match: Try to avoid B-types of Cancers or Capricorns. This Cancer asks for constant attention and can be too temperamental for you. You will get sick and tired of these tantrums eventually feel that you want out of this relationship. B-type Capricorns sometimes become too selfish for you and they have the tendency to hurt your feelings verbally and emotionally.

Aries & O-type
March 21 - April 19

For Men
Personality : Your positive trait is an unyielding, indomitable spirit. The strong pride you possess is pretty high, yet you are an altruist. People are fond of you because you are ready to help whoever is in need. That often makes you the man of the hour. You are quite intelligent and do not tolerate others who are too provincial-minded. This intolerance can hurt others without you even knowing it.

Love: Women easily fall head over heels at your first encounter because you honestly express what you like and what you don't. If you start liking a girl, you set your mind on her until the end. The more the girl tries to stay away from you, the more you pursue her. Basically, you enjoy the chase and prefer to play on the other's affection. This is why marriage should be contemplated for a while because you want to make sure that she is not just another mind game.

Life: No matter what stage in life you are, you can count yourself to be on top. Your wit and intelligence suggests that you will be better off to work independently, a business on your own. This will be easier for you also because you don't have to answer to any authority. Socially, your popularity and vivaciousness will never make you feel lonely and thus, look forward for an enjoyable life.

For Women
Personality: If it would be up to you, you would like to embrace the whole world for all its knowledge and therefore you are always on the run. Your level of creativity and strong determination for success are at a height that all your peers look up to for inspiration. This makes you a natural leader. Your curiosity puts you always on the modern frontier, especially pertaining to fashion.

Love: There is nothing more important to you than your career and thus your relationship suffers. Your job satisfies you in every way and that intimidates guys because they are afraid that they will not be able to fulfill your need. If you'd like to convey yourself a little differently to the opposite sex, try something that will bring out your womanly charm.

Life: You have a tendency to maneuver around obstacles pretty well and this will benefit you greatly in your life. The reason why you work diligently is because you love to hear compliments from others. No one will dare to look down upon you. You will succeed in life due to your high expectation and vision you carry at all times. One warning is that you should be patient not to move up the ladder too quickly or else you will have to start from the bottom again.


Good Match: Your perfect matches are A and B-types of Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius. They respect your busy schedule with a certain sense of broad-mindedness. This is why you can build a relationship of true love. The O-types of Aries, Gemini, Leo, and Libra can also be good companions for you because you share similar views and philosophies. This relationship can revive if you are willing to freshen it up and possess the patience of understanding.

Bad Match: You are easily impressed by heroism but an AB-type Capricorn is too self-centered and irrational. The opposite opinions constantly clash that it is better to spare your sanity than talk to someone from Mars. AB-type Virgos are also advisable to stay away from forming a relationship. You will never receive any positive feedback from them.

Aries & B-type
March 21 - April 19

For Boys

Personality: Your energetic and jovial personality often exudes a charismatic environment. The reason why you stand out in a crowd is because you love to receive attention with your stirring conversations. One mistake you may make is when you don't listen to other people's opinions or may make rash comments. Just be sure that you know the difference between what is a good sense of humor and when you cross that line.

Love: There is no special preference you have in girls and that gives you the opportunity to choose from a larger pool. The danger in your sudden passion for a girl can also lead to a quick fade. However, you are still popular with girls because you are naive and sincere. Control your sudden impulses if you are not even serious about the girl you are dating.

Life: Your versatility in interest is your advantage because you can adjust to almost any type of job. A job that requires strenuous mental concentration or continuous creativity will suit you the most.

For Girls

Personality: Although there are quite a few of you who are introverts, most of you are pretty quirky personalities. Sometimes your carelessness can lead you to embarrassing situations but you can cover that up with your enchanting charm.

Love: You tend to be fickle but this devilish side of yours might just be why guys are attracted to you. The relationships you enjoy are dates where there are no strings attached and men who admire you from far away. There will be only be one serious relationship you will experience and this man can tame you to a charming lady. One problem you might encounter will be your inadvertent humor. Make sure that your partner can differentiate that humor from your serious feelings.

Life: You come across as a snob at times due to your stubborn nature but people tend to think it's cute. That's your allure. You don't like to adhere to society's norms and constantly search for the true meaning of happiness. Thanks to the special fate you were given, you will hardly encounter monetary problems. However, there will be times when you think you are not saving as much as you are making. That's due to your expensive spending habits, which you should try to curb.


Good Match:O-types of Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius are great matches for you. You will love their passion for success and you are totally affixed with their attractiveness. The B-type Libras are also good matches for you because of their neat and tidy manners. Although you tend to get bored at times, it is up to you to rekindle the love.

Bad Match:The A-type Capricorns are stubborn, square, and too scrupulous for you. Numerous conflicts arise during this relationship. A-type Pisces are soul-comfort seekers and might be too sappy for you. They could easily get hurt by your capriciousness.

Aries & AB-type
March 21 - April 20

For Guys

Personality: You are an overall merry individual who brightens up the mood at any party. The inner sanctum of you yearns for adventure and passion but you are terrible at expressing this outwardly and sometimes you are mistakenly accused to be frustrating. In any way, your resilience to change will eventually overcome this negativity.

Love: You are well known to be a fascinating character. On top of that, your ardent passion seems to have a great effect on women. There's hardly any time when there isn't a girl waiting for your attention. However, this situation doesn't change your devotion to a girl when you are committed to her. You are a practical guy who has an ideal girlfriend and ideal wife in mind. A girlfriend of yours feels comfortable socializing with your friends. The wife you pick will be quite the opposite type. She'll be rather a shy woman who feels most comfortable in the home domain.

Life: All assignments you receive have to be accomplished immediately or else you feel uneasy. This is one of your shining qualities. People are impressed by your polished first impression and you will receive favoritism from your employers with that. This can be one more token to advance up the ladder for you. Be careful about your obsessive cleanliness and your temper tantrums because they might distract you from important matters.

For Girls

Personality: You are both introverted and extroverted, which means that people perceive you to be one or the other. It all depends under what circumstances they meet you. Either way, you possess an ardent determination and steadfastness toward future goals. This is why you don't tend to be easily convinced by other people's advice or opinions. Sometimes, you need to relax and at least pretend that you are listening.

Love: Many of your relationships are challenged by your friends because the guys you date are bad news. You are under constant scrutiny of your peers but you fend them off pretty well. The reason why you stay with these guys is because you are not worried about the sappy consequence. You are serious about being in love at that moment, which also seems to fade away several times. Try to avoid flamboyant types if you want to find Mr. Right.

Life: Many of you will achieve a prestigious career at a young age. Be careful about your surroundings because there will be people lurking to take that spot away from you. Your fickleness might also cause some financial problems in the future. If you intend to get married early, make sure your partner will be understanding and sensitive to your obsessive needs. You never have to be worried about being alone because people love your easygoing nature.


Good Match: A-type and B-type Aries, Geminis, Sagittarius, A-type Leos, and B-type Aquarius most suitable partners for you. They will be able to offer you high social or economic power you are striving for. Their well-educated and intelligent minds stimulate your thirst for knowledge. The above A-types are kind and B-type needs your constant support. A-type and AB-type Libras are inherently understanding to your needs and lead you to Platonic world of love.

Bad Match:You are not compatible with O-type Cancers who are excessively humble. You will clash a lot because of the gigantic personality differences. O-type Pisces are not your type either because you tend to become to restless with their relaxing attitudes.

Taurus A-type
April 20 - May 20

For Guys

Personality: You don't like to be involved in other people's lives and that's why you resent it when other people immerse themselves in your personal matters. You absolutely abhor gossip. A man of strong faith, you don't give up easily because you know that there will be another chance.

Love: Your soft and kind nature appeals to girls. Your problem is that you are an absolute novice in a serious relationship because you don't know how to convey your emotions to your partner. An arranged marriage might rescue you from the conventional dating game. Even though your conservative nature might be boring to some, you will deeply and earnestly love your partner. One problem you will stumble into is your raging jealousy. The outcome of this might become dangerous if your partner has a tendency to cheat.

Life: You will live an average yet stable life, which ensures a safety to you and your family. People perceive you as being sluggish but your carefulness omits the high probability of making mistakes. All tasks are worth observing with scrutiny. People admire your for that patience and honest work, which will reward you in turn with lots of happiness.

For Girls

Personality: Your docile nature is immediately recognizable and this is why you portray a lot of shyness. People have to be careful about how they interact with you because you tend to get frightened pretty easily. What they don't know about you is that you possess a strong sense of resilience within you when you decide to carry out a certain goal.

Love: Men swarm around you, thanks to your captivating, facial appearance. Yet you seem to miss the chance of dating when you do meet an interesting guy. Usually the cause of that is your passive nature and just bad timing. There is a bigger likelihood that you will marry the first man you fall in love than the dating scene. While you date, you express your affection through sentimental gifts such as self-knitted sweaters or homemade lunches.

Life: The constant restlessness you feel will alleviate as you get older and mature. Friends and family are people you easily confide with when you have problems and that will continue to be so. Don't worry about missing your chance as a career woman because of the childrearing. A business of your own would be compatible for you, too


Good Match: A-type, O-type and AB-type Taurus, Cancers, Virgos, Scorpios, Capricorns and Pisces are good matches for you. You truly experience the joy of life with the above A-types, who often spoil you with surprising gifts. O-types usually guarantee you a splendid future. Your common interests and goals with AB-types make it easy to become easily intimate.

Bad Match: Avoid B-type Leos because they are too boisterous, passionate and bold. They are spendthrifts, which you fervently dislike. B-type Sagittarius men are kind but they are capricious, which may hurt your feelings.

Taurus & B-type
April 21 - May 20

For Guys

Personality: You are straight forward. You can be in trouble because of your direct comments. But anyone who knows your personality likes your honesty and unwavering nature. You tend to be hasty but you are conservative and realistic.

Love: There is no love-at-first-sight for you. This is why romance starts through friendship first. Once you fall in love, you become very passionate. You are not the type to cheat. Over expression can make negative effect. Try to console your companion's emotion.

Life: You resist any regulations in life. Since you tend to make rash decisions, you may experience failure. You try your best in any project. Your ideal profession is owning your own business rather than being employed.

For Girls

Personality: You are very liberal, friendly and pleasant. You tend to pursue ramance ambitiously. You can be mistaken because of your lack of verbal skills. Your special charm and unique characteristics will be loved by others.

Love: You are very self-centered in love. This is why it takes a longer time to find your perfect match. Once you find your love, you are so convinced that you would risk anything for that. If you don't behave capricously, your love will last.

Life: Your life is full of ups and downs. But your optimistic attitude will solve any difficulties in life. You can win a fight with a smile. As long as you pace yourself keeping your pace is superb. But try to understand the value of a human relationship. You can be a successful entreprenuer.


Good: O-type, B-type and AB-type of Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces undertand you who have individuality. They provide you chances to improve your ability by encouraging. You and O-type of Scorpio know each other well so that, even though you might conflict, your relationship is fresh every time.

Bad: A-type of Libra always cares about honor. Never shows real intention to others. You would feel lonelinss with them. You do not have a common ground with an A-type Aquarius who looks soft but, in fact, bothers others.

Taurus & O-type
April 21 - May 20

For Guys

Personality: People respect you for your serene nature because you try to stay away from arguments or other troubles. Your tranquil nature transmits to others automatically, which in turn stimulates a positive environment

Love: Since you take your time with all relevant matters, your search for a worthwhile relationship will also be at a slow pace. It is not unusual for you to turn a friendship into something more special because you are searching for comfort and tranquility. There will be times when you miss the chance of a promising relationship due to your shy nature. Build a little more confidence in relation to that.

Life: You will encounter wonderful opportunities in life because your peers and authority respect you. Hardship is a foreign word to you. Do not take things for granted because you might just face condescending criticisms from people who think you lack the focus. Be sure you recognize your set goals and then you will be able to steer clear from those problems.

For Girls

Personality: Your concern for others associates you as the "consoler." You are readily accessible to everyone, even if that means you have to go out of your way for that. This is why you are well-liked by your friends and the surrounding people.

Love: You come across as a rigid, inflexible character but your inherent charm will benefit you in the future realm of intimate relationships. One problem you have to overcome is the fear of your partner's betrayal. This is why you distance yourself from many men who are interested to get to know you. You also have the tendency to tease them. However, serious relationships will occur, which will not be more than two. Your commitment to a serious relationship is genuine.

Life: Once marriage does occur, your realm in the household will be much more suitable than a career. This is because you treasure your family and have the knack for domestic life. If you do decide to enter the workforce again, make sure you still consider your family as the priority in your life, since difficulties will be store for you in this field.


Good Match:Since you are the possessive type, your perfect matches are partners who stay loyal to you and continue to do so with diligence. Such characters are A-type and B-type Taurus, Cancers, Virgos, Capricorns and Pisces. A-type and B-type Scorpios always argue with you but this friction is a positive attraction that doesn't tend to wane away.

Bad Match: AB-type Aries and Sagittarius are impatient. They will never understand your slow, peaceful nature. AB-type Aquarius and Gemini are rational and intelligent but they are often ATNA (all talk no action).

Taurus & AB-type
April 21 - May 20

For Guys

Personality:You are an intelligent and warmhearted person. There are rumors that you hear at times, that you are not a friendly person because your greetings to people are cold. That doesn't bother you a bit though. This image helps to establish you as a person who would do anything for his advantage.

Love:You are often the center of gossip due to your capricious nature. Changing partners often seems to be part of your lifestyle. For now, you will enjoy relationships that do not require any serious commitment. Your partners aren't ready to take that chance because your harsh criticisms. Establishing a serious relationship might take a long time

Life:There will many times you encounter troubles. Your resilience and patience will help you survive these hard times. As long as you use your good sense, you will survive these hardships that you will run into.

For Girls

Personality: People perceive you as being weak because you have difficulties hiding your feelings. This creates a difficulty for you in the social department. You also tend to have compulsive tendencies, which you should try to curb. Stop worrying about little details in your life because they are frivolous at the end. Your popularity never fails to have someone around you.

Love:Wrong timing will be the reason why you are going to miss the chance with the one man you are truly in love with. There will be others that follow but they will not feel quite the same. There is this dread that you will be hurt by someone and that is why you keep your distance. Romance is a word you are unfamiliar with. Try watching a romantic movie or read a novel and get in touch with that side of you. This could help you overcome the inner fear of betrayal. An early marriage would bring you happiness.

Life: People appreciate you for your rational sense. Your solutions and opinions are much valued that you hardly have any downtime for yourself. Since you can handle various tasks at once, you will hear a lot of compliments for juggling between home and work.


Good Match:A-type and AB-type Taurus, Cancers and Capricorns, A-type, B-type and AB-type Virgos, and A-type and AB-type Pisces are the most suitable for you. They satisfy you in the field of romance with intelligence and sensitivity. They respect others and that's why they care about friendship. This means that you two can be good friends as well. A-type Scorpios are also compatible and may bring you luck.

Bad Match:Money comes and goes. You will never understand O-type Leos who enjoy treating their companions with expensive gifts, which they can't even afford. B-type Leos, Sagittarius, and Aries should also be avoided.

Gemini & A-type
May 21 - June 20

for Men
Personality:You were born with intelligence and many talents. You are very smart and your brain keeps working. However you do not show off. You are rather passive and worried about how others will feel about your behaviour. Your being too sensitive and affectionate is not good for relationship.

Love Tendency: You are not passionate but dilligent lover. Your intelligence and soft appearance appeal to others, but you are serious in selecting your mate. Once fall in love, you become a sincere lover. You will have 2 sides of love, being passionate and remaining serene. You will never loose yourself in lust.

Life: Even though you are passive in many ways, you intelligence and character will appeal to your superiors. You can be an excellent merchant, Your excellent writing ability and intellectual curiosity can make you an outstanding in the related field.

for Women
Personality:You are reasonably sociable and never become impudent. You possess Gemini's vigorour exterior and A-type's pessimistic and introspect interior tendency. You are steady and moderate. You will never loose yourself in love. You are alway self-possessed. You are caprious person.

Love Tendency: Your attractive speech initiates sparks in love, however your rationality will prevent you from falling in love. But you own the strong desire to experience passionate love and look for mr. Goodbar. Your are acknowledged for your liberal relationship however, once you find steady relationship, you will give your dilligence. Try to keep long lasting relationship before marriage.

Life: Many Gemini's are frivolous. But your intelligence will outstands. You will be a working mother rather than a housewife. Try to have many hobbies for your later days.


Good Match: A-type, O-type and AB-type of Aries, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. You can share happiness in life and encourage with A-types of them. AB-types are your perfect conversation mate. O-types can provide many benefits and helps. You can be attracted by Sagittarious' romantic behaviour and ambition.

Bad Match: B-type of Virgo is critical and speaks out. They can hurt your feeling. B-type of Scorpio is "I don't care" style. They don't care about your feeling. They can show up late in date and ignores how you would feel.

Gemini & O-type
May 21 - June 20

for Men
Personality:You exude an eminence that people are in awe with you. Maybe that is why you get away with your bellowing voice and nature. Your intelligence gives you the advantage to make split second decisions. Be careful not to ignore important You possess a strong curiosity

Love Tendency: Your curiosity and vivacity wins a lot of popularity among girls. There will be an abundance of relationships in store for, whether you like it or not. Your honesty wins most girls hearts. Breakups are not heartaches for you because you look forward to meeting new people. You are constantly on the phone or creating love letters and busy with dates. However, you are happiest when you are involved in a relationship.

Life: Since you are excellent working with multiple tasks, you should definitely find work that allows you to do that. Be careful not to turn into an obsessive workaholic because you might neglect the family.

for Women
Personality: Sometimes people criticize you for being insincere because of your 24-7 "I am happy" attitude. But the people who know you respect your willingness to help out others and leadership quality is what you show. You tend to jump into the matters too quickly because of your constant curiosity. Your smart brain allows you to deal with even the most difficult conversationalist and that is why you receive a streamline of party invitations

Love Tendency: The love department has good news for you all the time. Your vivacious personality is directly connected to your sign and the blood type enhances it even more. You fall in love too quickly and mistake the particular relationship as being the greatest at that moment. Capriciousness is your number one enemy.

Life: Your excellent communication skill should be credited to your speedy brain. Your work performance is at an optimum because you are able to handle simultaneous tasks at once. One thing you are not comfortable with is silence. You have to hear commotion around you or else you create it. People sometimes have difficulties keeping up with your fast pace life, so learn to slow down.


Good Match: A-type, O-type and B-type Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra and Aquarius are the best matches for you. Anyone of these will be a plus to you because you complement each other. A-types usually admire you from far away. O-types are the comforting relationships. B-types bring the maternal instinct out of you.

Bad Match:AB-type Virgos and AB-type Pisces should be avoided. You will tire each other out because of your differences. These partners bring bad thoughts out of you and who wants to be ultimately a terrible person?

Gemini & B-type
May 21 - June 20

for Men
Personality: You have an outspoken personality and have the ability to sympathize other people's moods. Everybody enjoys having you around a gathering because of your sense of humor. You are a multi-talented person and therefore will be able to master any skill with ease. One drawback is that you tend to be fickle when it comes to jobs and you may switch occupations more than the average person.

Love Tendency: Social life for you is always busy because you are quite the opposite from being a loner. Your persistence pays off whenever you pursue a love interest until the end. Difficult chases are especially fun for you because you never quit. Your problem is that your feelings quickly fade away when it deals with romantic relationships. Take an introspective moment and decide why this repeats itself.

Life: You are a social success and that is why you will always have people around you. Your quick wit and intelligence should not be limited to a salary-based job. A better suggestion is to look in the field of fashion or marketing, or any other trend-setting job markets. You will reap in lots of money but be careful about your excessive spending habits.

for Women
Personality:Your street smartness is an asset that you should carry with you at all times. This is especially true for the many ventures you take on due to your curious nature. People are attracted to your carefree attitude, although this might be the reason why some people think you are egocentric. You might even shock people at times but that is why you are successful as a trendsetter and possess a star-like quality.

Love Tendency: Gemini in general are constantly involved in "plutonic" relationships and even out of them you will have the most love interests. You don't just wait for the man to approach you but you tend to make the first move if you are interested in somebody. Men are intrigued by your mysterious charm and that technique gets better as you get older. You enjoy sporadic flings here and there. Be careful about them if you don't want to hear nasty rumors about you.

Life: Make sure you decide what your goals in life will be at an early stage. This way you will be able to take a few steps at a time. You will experience difficulties in the monetary division, so use money sparingly. Marriage is also a matter you would like to put off with. Problems in your marriage might arise due to your precarious nature in the past. However, it is up to you how you handle the situation.


Good Match: B-type and O-type of Aries, Leos, Libras, and Aquarius are suitable for you. O-type of Sagittarius and Cancers also match well with you. Both of you respect each other's opinions and that is why you will happily share life's joy together. The O-type cancers are just the most compatible partners you can ever encounter. If you do meet that cancer, sparks and flames will never extinguish between you two.

Bad Match: A-type of Pisces and Cancer are partners that will restrain from what you have to do. You will feel trapped by them because their way of quality time is to be together in solitude day in and day out. A-type of Scorpios and Taurus are also people you should avoid as partners because their lifestyles are too boring and slow for you.

Gemini AB-type
May 21 - June 20

for Men
Personality:You have a smattering knowledge and you are an expert in the art of conversation. People ask you for advice for up to date information. This occurs because you keep up with the current events in this world. Try to curb your exceeding cleverness because that might intimidate some people away from you.

Love Tendency: Women love to chase after you because you are the ideal man with a sense of style. If that's not enough your wit and humor charms them even more. You avoid women who seem to be empty in their heads because you like the challenge in an argument. When you are single, you are known as a womanizer but you put 100 percent of devotion into the relationship once you find that significant other. Together, you will have much fun.

Life: You set up high expectations for yourself. Make sure that you pick an occupation that will not bore you with tedious routines. An ideal situation would be where the work dynamics challenges your brain. Your natural leadership quality and great communication skills would be very suitable in the field of mass communication.

for Women
Personality: You are the ultimate modern woman who is proud of her independence. That spirit doesn't in the least bit make you a selfish person though. People know that you understand their needs and that is why you earn great respect around you.

Love Tendency: Wherever you are, men just flock to you for attention. Your allure is captivating to them but you don't give them the time of the day if they don't meet your demanding criteria. The men you date have to match up to your charm. One advice is not to be too picky because you just might miss the chance to love someone earnestly.

Life: Gemini are known to be in control of their lives and you are one of them. Your resilience will endure the hardships you face. Life doesn't stop after marriage or kids for you. Your thirst for knowledge could bring you back to school while raising your family.


Good Match: A-type and B-type of Aries, Gemini and Libra are partner that will brighten your significantly. A-type and AB-type of Leos and B-type of Sagittarius and Aquarius will also give that happiness to you. The intrigue you have for each other will keep your relationship interesting. AB-type of Taurus and A-type of Cancers are also compatible with you because you respect their individualism and creative mind.

Bad Match: O-type of Cancer, Pisces, and Virgos are mates you should avoid because they lack the sensitivity you would like to receive. You don't appreciate the way they spend their money lavishly. They are too irrational for you and therefore can't tolerate them.

Cancer A-type
June 21 - July 22

for Men
Personality: Once you open yourself up to someone that friend will stick by your side through thick and thin. Your thoughtful consideration and honest opinions win you many friends. You will have long lasting friendships throughout your life because you are a caretaker. The only problem is that you sometimes get into trouble for being involved too much in other people's business. Be careful about who you help out because it is not your intention to hear that you're a curious seeker.

Love Tendency: Dating is not an enjoyable pastime for you and that's why you came across as a cold person in a romantic relationship. This is also the reason why it takes you a while to find the person you want to settle down with. Get ready for your long bachelor life. This life doesn't guarantee you from any heartbreak though.

Life: You're lucky to be born with talents that others have to work strenuously at. However, you are not after any distinguished accomplishments but rather look for a content life instead. Pushing the greed aside, you will live comfortably in peace.

for Women
Personality: We have another "Mother Theresa" in this world and that is you. Your humanity and concern for others make your friends feel that they are very special. The only problem with you is that you don't give the time of the day to people you dislike. Try to be in control of your emotions. Also make sure that if you're set on one goal, you pursuit that one only. Too many tasks will confuse you and lead you to a state of disarray.

Love Tendency: The problem with you in this department is that you cling onto your first love. You fall hard, once you take a serious step. You're also strictly against making the first move and that's why you need the help of others around you to attain the person you've been eying for a long time.

Life: You're a lucky girl and sometimes you feel the envious looks from others because your marriage is an example of pure bliss. But that occurs because you really work hard around your household. Your laborious work ethic will be rewarding you with enough money that you'll be able to pass an estate onto your children. The only worries that you will encounter are the jealous gossips and that is important to avoid.


Good Match: Since you love to share your deep affections, you'd be best off with O-type, A-type and AB-type Taurus and Cancers. O-type Virgos and Scorpios, and AB-type Pisces are also good matches. Although your individual personalities are different, your common interests balance that out. You will enjoy each other's differences because it makes the relationship that more exciting.

Bad Match: B-type Aries don't enjoy staying in one place for a long time. They also have the tendency to lose their feelings quickly once their partners are out of sight for a while. Another bad match are the B-type Sagittarius because they tend say whatever is on their minds. That means that you will be in many uncomfortable situations. Try to avoid them if you want to stay out of trouble.

Cancer O-type
June 21 - July 22

for Men
Personality: You enjoy the exposure of a public life and the attention around you. Solitude is a word you dread and everything you possibly do is done in the limelight. Don't get overzealous with competitions because that will lead you to unnecessary fights. Your charm enchants many people and you don't have to worry about your popularity status.

Love Tendency: Your passionate involvement in a relationship might be difficult to handle for some women because of your possessive and monopolistic nature. There will also be negative consequences to your jealous rages. But the woman who will be your partner for life is lucky to be settling down with you.

Life: The public affairs sector is a suitable occupation for you because you need the exposure of lots of people. Another suggestion is to be surrounded in an active environment because you're less likely to change your occupation out of boredom.

for Women
Personality: People can detect your emotions through the facial expressions you expose outwardly. This might be good and bad. For one, this makes you a person who is honest in letting other people know how you feel at that moment. The bad news is that you are not great at negotiations because you tend to think irrationally.

Love Tendency: You're a good decision maker when it comes to choosing the right partner for you. The person you set your mind on is usually the one you'll end up with ringing wedding bells. There shouldn't be any regrets because you tend to choose the right one from the start. Just be careful not to corner him too much or else he'll feel too tied up in this relationship.

Life: One of life's great lessons for you is to think rationally before you make any offensive comments. Take it easy. Your fastest way to happiness is to get married and settle down. Your health is vital to keep your family's happiness alive. Your poetic sense will bloom, if you stay committed to it.


Good Match: A-type, O-type and B-type Taurus and Cancers would make great partners for you. The same goes for O-type and B-type Virgos and Scorpios, A-type Capricorns and B-type Pisces. They all display a heart of gold and they aren't the type to betray you. You think they are tough but they are sensitive and understanding to your needs. A Cancer especially enjoys a special bond with you because you both give each other the space you need.

Bad Match: AB-type Libras think they are part of an elite society. You think they are snobs, they think they are special. You also don't match with AB-type Aries because they don't appreciate your sincerity.

Cancer & B-type
June 21 - July 22

for Men
Personality: It's not surprising to see you have compassion for others you care for. You're full of emotions but that's why you need to be careful not to surprise people with occasional mood swings. You respect people's privacies and try not to invade that space. Therefore, you're a reliable person that others can depend on any time.

Love Tendency: To love someone is a beautiful and genuine experience. This is why you pour out your whole heart and everything that comes with it to that one special woman. Even when you are together with her, you admire her as if she is afar from you. You are always thankful that you have found the woman in your dreams. There will be suffering consequences for you falling in love so deeply. But you will recover from your heartaches in time again.

Life: You stand out from the other Cancers because you have the unique aptitude to come up with ingenious ideas. Even your organization skills are so impeccable that you will be recognized for it. Stick with the corporate world and you will succeed. The only problem will occur if you try to start a venture on your own.

for Women
Personality: People find it easy to talk to you because you're a friendly person. You should watch out for your drastic mood swings because you may be accused of having a split personality. That makes you a very emotional personal who can't hide her feelings in front of public.

Love Tendency: First love=Marriage. That's your outlook on romantic relationships. Don't be frightened, you will have boyfriends but somehow that one person will always pop into your head again. You tend to be quiet and shy around a man you have feelings for. That's why you would never reveal that fact until he approaches you.

Life: Your joy around your friends and family is visible because it is at those events when you glow and brighten up. Make sure that you learn how to monitor your cash flow because that might get you into trouble. It's easy for you to have money in your hands but it goes right out of them if don't control it.


Good Match:O-type, B-type and AB-type Taurus, Cancers, Scorpios, and Pisces are very understanding people. The same goes for O-type and B-type Virgos and Capricorns because all of the above have the potential to be the potential partner sent from heaven. They will overlook your erratic tendencies and ground you to a more serene environment.

Bad Match:A-type Aries will clash with you because they criticize you for your flaws more than you wish. They don't like you to get involved in their business as much as they don't care for others. You will also not match with A-type Libras because they calculate things too much in their heads.

Cancer & AB-type
June 21 - July 22

for Men
Personality: Cancers are smart people and you acquired the additional quality of human warmth. That will greatly make up for your negative impression that you receive at times. Although, some people think you possess a cold personality, they will realize that they are wrong about you once they see your warmth.

Love Tendency: You hardly stray away from the true beauty of a relationship. Love to you includes honesty and your girlfriend will appreciate that. There will be several unsatisfactory relationships but there will be one woman who will light your fire.

Life: You're the riskiest type of the Cancers and that's why you have the potential to succeed the most out of them. Your business sense will bring you much praise from your co-workers. Hold onto them because you never know if you ever need help from them down the line.

for Women
Personality: Being the sensitive Cancer, people find it difficult to get close to you. You come off as a quiet person to others. Your friends appreciate you for keeping their secrets. The only problem that you have is the lack of ability to control your emotions in front of strangers.

Love Tendency: Due to you wholehearted nature, you look for that type in your partner. In addition to that you want a partner with intelligence and someone who can imprint a lasting impression to others. Try to be more open about your true feelings and you might find it easier to actually find a partner. You should also avoid the crass comments you make to the person you like because that will just lessen your chance in starting anything.

Life: Don't rely on hopes too much because you might just wait for something that will not occur. This will lead to unnecessary disappointments and heartaches. Instead, focus on your ability and the effort you put into whatever goal you aim for. Your devotion for your family will make you an excellent family woman.


Good Match: Your devotion toward your significant other will be met with AB-type Taurus and Cancers and A-type, B-type and AB-type Virgos and Scorpios. Others also include A-type and AB-type Capricorns and Pisces. You have lots of choices as compatible partners. All of the above possess a selfish nature but you have the power to convert that to benefit you.

Bad Match: O-type and B-type of Aries AB-type of Libra

Leo & A-type
July 23 - August 22

for Men
Personality: You are a man with control who is capable to stay calm in even messy, sticky situations. People seek you as the mediator whenever disputes occur. All the while, there is this huge flame of desire burning within you. How you keep that bottled up inside so well perplexes you too. One negative comment that comes out of this is that you hardly reveal your true intentions to others.

Love Tendency: Relationships for you are one good one after another. That is due to you careful consideration whether your partner would be compatible with you or not. One can say you are picky but that doesn't bother you because you eventually end up with compatible girlfriends. In fact, she is the most trusted person in your life whom you confide in down to your bare bones.

Life: You carry a great sense of responsibility and with your persisting effort combined you have the potential to enjoy a successful career. Marriage will bring you much happiness. You will prefer to stay home and cuddle with your wife than to hang out with your buddies on the weekends. But be careful about your weight because pounds will add on if you are unwilling to move around the house.

for Women
Personality: Here's another one who conveys this charming shyness to people. But to your friends, you are a great confidante who they can count on for help. Your pride will get in your way if you hold onto it too much. Be careful not to do that or else it will be hurt to the point you might not be able to endure.

Love Tendency: Boyfriends will be plentiful for you and that's why you will enjoy many relationships. The only problem is that they will not be meaningful to you. You are not great at expressing your thoughts into words and therefore make an easy escape with gifts. In a serious sense, love will come to you only once and you will carry that in your heart forever. You will be choosy when it comes to picking a potential husband. However, there will be no regrets because you know you made the right decision.

Life: There will be some low points in your life when you think you are alone. That's because you are sensitive and worry too much. You worries should be cast aside because you have loving friends around you. Money management is something people should learn from you because you are very organized. There shouldn't be a problem with money due careful spending habits.


Good Match: O-type of Aries, Sagittarius, and Aquarius will truly love you with all their emotions. They are trustworthy and you can always put your head on their shoulders when in need. You can also rely on AB-type Leos and Sagittarius.

Bad Match: The person you least favor is one who is stingy with his money. A-type Leos and B-type Taurus and Cancers will not be able to give you the financial freedom you need. This is not the only aspect in where you clash with them.

Leo & O-type
July 23 - August 22

for Men
Personality: The lively, conspicuous person at a party is you. You say whatever is on your mind and don't understand people who can't truly express their feelings. Your stubbornness sometimes gets mistaken as selfishness.

Love Tendency: Your love affairs include lots of dramatic flair because you get yourself in trouble. It's wiser to stay out of dangerous women situations and unnecessary to start talking to every woman who crosses your walking path. However, this doesn't mark you as a playboy forever because you become truly committed when you start a relationship. The romantic side of you comes out when this occurs. You'll start taking her out to elegant restaurants and flowers gifts your darling deserves all the time.

Life: Your trustworthy diligence will be helpful in your future success. Try not to look at your peers with contempt because this could be the obstacle to your goal. Your health will be good to you but aware that it will be difficult to get back to your normal condition if you once get into a slump.

for Women
Personality: Here comes "Ms. Sunshine" or shall we say "sunflower?" You radiate a cheerful environment wherever you go and therefore it takes a lot for you to lose your happy composure. You love to receive compliments and immediately have good impressions on people who feed you that. Derogatory comments aren't welcome because you take them too personal. Helping the needy is one way for you to gather up more strength.

Love Tendency: Bright, strong and beautiful. You possess these qualities that men are just mad about. That's why you find yourself in a comfortable situation. Unlike other women, you have the choice to choose one out of plenty. Although men surround you like flies, the tendency to feel lonely occurs because you identify yourself as a romanticist.

Life: You are strong woman mentally. This sense should be of good use if you start a small business of your own. You are in for a comfortable ride of a lifetime, although it might take some time to find your potential husband.


Good Match:B-type of Aries, Leos, Sagittarius, Libra and Aquarius are great matches in every manner. You attract many men but be careful that you choose someone who you will not look down upon. B-type and O-type Gemini, O-type Libras, and A-type Sagittarius are also good for you.

Bad Match: AB-type Scorpios and Taurus will frustrate you because they are all words. You find it difficult to dig deep into their true intentions and desires.

Leo & B-type
July 23 - August 22

for Men
Personality: You have the tendency to enjoy the life of luxury because you love the limelight. People have to follow your way or they'll be in a disagreement with you. Your curiosity and variety of interest earns you many friends. You should be more careful about making split-second decisions.

Love Tendency: You are Mr. Popular among girls because you make them feel comfortable around you and your personality doesn't bore them. People will mistake you for a playboy even though you don't experience many relationships, thanks to your masculinity.

Life: Compliments from others are treats for you and you crave for them. Success will come to you from early on but you have to struggle to hold onto to it. Be your own entrepreneur. This will give you a better chance to succeed.

for Women
Personality: You possess a strong personality of individuality and independence. Your interests can't be associated to clothes or food but rather artsy things in life. Art really is the place where you feel at home. You come off as a light-hearted woman because you enjoy jokes and laughter. However, sometimes your irrational reactions might throw off people a bit.

Love Tendency: Your charm lures lots of different men. A heart of gold is what you have and that may be one reason why entrapped by you. You don't like to hide any secrets from your partner. Deceit is far from your characteristic and that's why you aren't the type to juggle two men at once. There will still be talk about you being frivolous but try not to pay attention on that.

Life: A patient man is what you're looking because of your mischievous nature. You definitely have to stay away from men who possess the same personality as you because they usually end up in bad breakups. The relationship could be better if you try to curb your tempered nature. That's only if you're willing to.


Good Match: You will have great times with O-type and AB type Aries and Leos. They appreciate your free spirited nature. Frugal people are your pet peeves. You consider that to be a sin. O-type Gemini, B-type Libras and Aquarius are generous people and they will pamper you.

Bad Match: B-type Capricorns and A-type Scorpios disdain flamboyant scenes and have trouble conveying positive compliments to you. They can't provide the lifestyle that you seek. Another problem you might encounter with them is that they, unlike you, keep some opinions to themselves, which then resurfaces at the wrong time.

Leo & AB-type
July 23 - August 22

for Men
Personality: Your candid personality is as wide as the ocean and that's part of your alluring charisma. But deep down you also have a very strong sense of pride. Another attractive reason about you is that you hardly possess any weak spots. In fact, you think it's challenging to face your weakness and to correct that.

Love Tendency: You're very sly at switching women for your own personal satisfaction. Women will come and go for you excessively but you have a problem finding the one you really want to open up your heart to. Maybe it's your pride but you really have a difficulty to share things with your partner.

Life: Don't start an occupation where you will be in the shadow of other employees. Your strong leadership quality and reasoning power will benefit you to be high up in the rank. Suitable fields are in consulting or business administration.

for Women
Personality: Intelligence can go a long way and this goes for you, too. Not only are you smart but your charm also gets to men.

Love Tendency: You will break some men's hearts because you think they weren't relationships to begin with. Stop your stinging words and be a little more sensitive to them. But even serious relationships may be troublesome because you put up wall that is difficult to break. This is why you will find it hard to settle down and marry.

Life: This sounds like a cliche but you should find someone who enjoys the same hobbies and shares exactly the same interests as you. This would definitely benefit you in today's stressful world. You don't have to worry about money and success because this will come to you easily.


Good Match: There is a great relationship in store for you and A-type Libras or AB-type Gemini. You understand each other's feelings perfectly and therefore enjoy a special bond. A-type and B-type Sagittarius and A-type Aries and Leos would also be affairs you will remember.

Bad Match: You can't stand the type of people who are tactless and have no concern for others. O-type of Taurus and Scorpios just don't match with your lifestyle. It is better of to avoid them because they'll end up hurting you.

Virgo & A-type
August 23 - September 22

for Men
Personality: You are innately a calm person but your hot temper keeps people away from you. But you don't have to worry about not having a social life at all. Your obsessive organizational style could get in the way because you portray a nervous person.

Love Tendency: You imagine yourself in romantic situations with the girl you like. Daydreaming about her is also a common activity you engage in. It is important that you choose a woman who understands your whole being rather than for superficial satisfactions. You have the ability to put your woman high up the pedestal and to make her feel special.

Life: Your life will always be about meeting your dreams. It is important to fulfill these goals for yourself and that's why you're resilience and personal skills are impeccable. Your ability to finish tasks with great accuracy will pay off in the future.

for Women
Personality: The romantic woman! You're the epitome of the "Cinderella" cartoon characters. That's not to say that you're oblivious of everything. Your weakness is that you're very possessive of your things and surroundings. Try to curb that and then you might not be called an egotist.

Love Tendency: Your youthful outlook in life has a magnetic effect on men. The curious spirit you possess also draws attention to you. But you become a very shy and quiet girl in front of the person you like. The love you will experience with your partner for life will be a serene and happy one.

Life: The line between the ideal and reality is clearly cut out for you. This is why you'll be able to tackle obstacles with greater ease than others. Your passion tends to overtake your rational sense, which will put you in the hot seat at times. If you're settling for happiness you shouldn't worry about trifling and insignificant situations.


Good Match: O-type Taurus and Capricorn and A-type Pisces are partners whom you will not get sick of. They will lead you in a very subtle way and you will feel the security they provide for you. A-type Taurus and Cancers, AB-type Virgos, and O-type Scorpios also provide you the comfort zone you seek.

Bad Match: You don't like to be labeled as a romantic but that's what you are. You strictly follow the rules and that's why you don't like to receive favors. However, B-type Gemini and B-type Sagittarius are just the type of people who like to receive favors. What drives you insane is when they're late for dates and don't feel apologetic at all.

Virgo & B-type
August 23 - September 22

for Men
Personality: Your organizational skills are impeccable and that's what you expect from others, too. Friends are your best assets because they are forgiving. Your spontaneous jolts of frustration may be a bit strange to others who don't know you but not to your friends. But you only do this to your friends anyway because you trust them completely.

Love Tendency: Your pickiness abstains you from many relationships. Plutonic relationships are more common for you than serious girlfriends. You are searching for a woman who will respect your intellectual side.

Life: Chasing after your dream requires determination and persistence. Focus on one specialty field and you will lead a satisfying life. You will depend on your friends for some help.

for Women
Personality: Just as other Virgos you are a romantic but with the tendency to be fickle. When you are outside you portray a tomboyish personality who is very outgoing but when you get home you change to the ladylike person your family expects you to be. Due to your ability to adjust to any circumstance, you will be great at where you have to handle delicate matters

Love Tendency: Your capricious nature also carries over to your intimate relationships. The men you like tend to be of the same type: tall, handsome, and rich. You stick only to these types of men. Maybe opening up your options will increase the chance to really find the right man. A life of promiscuity might also hinder that chance, so try it is best not associate with too many men.

Life: People enjoy your refreshing personality and your deep concern for others. It is best to marry while it's not too late because this will increase your chance for happiness. Your health will be in good shape as long as your mental condition is stable.


Good Match: O-type Cancers and AB-type Aquarius can make great partners for you. They are able to adjust to your spontaneous nature. O-type Taurus, Cancers and Scorpios are people with great responsibility and patience. They will provide you with dreams that they fulfill. AB-type Capricorns are also compatible with you.

Bad Match: A-type Pisces should be avoided. They will keep you unsatisfied because you will not be able to depend on them fully. A-type of Gemini will be unstable partners for you because they will tire your easily.

Virgo & AB-type
August 23 - September 22

for Men
Personality: The capability to succeed is innately within you. It also helps that you invoke this certain gentleness that people are able to trust you. Be aware that many people will come to you for advice in many different matters.

Love Tendency: You love to socialize and that's why you are one of the favorites at an engagement. Your one weakness is that you ask out women without having any initial interest in them. This will create headaches for you and hurt many women, too.

Life: Your easygoing nature will help you in your professional career. People will find it easy to access to you as a person. One advice for you is to stick to be a salary man rather than losing your investment to a failing entrepreneurship. You will definitely make a name for yourself whatever company you will work for. There will be many friends around you but there isn't a big pool to choose from in regards to finding "the woman."

for Women
Personality: Men are fascinated by your delicate and your alluring image. You can really shake things up for men and terribly bring them to a state of confusion. It's not your fault that men beg to go out with you but some people might think that you are too self-centered.

Love Tendency: You are a magnet for men because you possess this delicate beauty. Normally, men admire you from afar because due to your inaccessible nature. However, the man you are with gets all your attention and devotion. You are destined to find a man whom you'll share an incredible future with.

Life: Things easily go on your nerves and can become more serious if you stress out excessively. You will be depending on your partner for financial support, since you are much more comfortable in the home domain.


Good Match: B-type Taurus, and O-type or B-type Gemini are people whom you be able to connect emotionally with. This relationship fulfills all aspects and is sparked with great intensity. You will also get along with A-type Sagittarius.

Bad Match: AB-type Capricorns are cheap people whom you will not get along with. That's because you like grandeur and enjoy fancy dinners. Due to your romantic nature you will be disappointed with AB-type Cancers.

Libra & A-type
September 23 - October 22

for Men
Personality: You are a pacified person who doesn't like to cause arguments with anyone. That's why you are sometimes mistaken for a cold person.

Love Tendency: The combination of your smartness and gallant manners makes you an attractive package to women. You're definitely the leading man out of all the Libra blood types.

Life: Peace and tranquility that you cherish very much. Therefore, you lack the fiery, aggressive business approach. Make sure you work at your own pace rather than to try to catch up your ambitions hastily.

for Women
Personality: Your enchanting magnetism people to you. Another asset you possess is the generosity for others. The weakness about you is that you are careless and clumsy at times. You've got to be careful if you would like others to trust you with important matters.

Love Tendency: You are the dominant one in the relationship who has the upper hand most of the times. But that doesn't stop the men to be attracted to you. You will have many boyfriends, where one of them will be a very special person. Marriage is in your destiny and it will be a happy one.

Life: You endured many family hardships in your lifetime but you still grew up to be a mature and responsible adult. You are respected in your workplace because you put your entire effort into any project. Since you were young, there were only a few friends you kept in touch because you were more mature than your peers. This will occur as an adult, too. Try to stay away from matters that don't concern you because this is one reason why people will not be too fond of you.


Good Match: Mental stability is very important and A-type Gemini and AB-type Libras and Aquarius are able to provide that for you. A-type and AB-type Leos and O-type Sagittarius also match very well with you because they have the strength to guide you through life.

Bad Match: You don't understand people who are rude and don't have any manners. That's why B-type Aries will be of much inconvenience for you because they start arguments anywhere with you. B-type Capricorns are also people who don't appreciate the finer things in life, such as the beautiful world of art.

Libra & O-type
September 23 - October 22

for Men
Personality: People label you as the busy man because you are involved in every activity you can get your hands on. Friends and acquaintances think you are an amiable person with heart of gold. Though there are times you appear to be a selfish person.

Love Tendency: You have a talent to look inside women's minds and be able to satisfy them emotionally. This amazing technique tends to attract many women to you. You are known as the player because you move on from one woman to another.

Life: Your interpersonal skills are impeccable and that's why you would succeed in the service field. The fashion industry is an interesting occupation you will be interested in, too. Hard dedication will pay off in your career. You will not have to worry about your health due to your energetic nature.

for Women
Personality: You are a reserved and a calm woman but there are occasions when you vent out your frustrations. Those are the exact times you share your piece of mind with everyone. Although you have a thick skin and tend to think that things have to go according to your way, your affable charm makes up for that. You enjoy sports due to your athletic ability and fortitude.

Love Tendency: Your friendly generosity signals men to think you are approachable. Men are constantly surrounding you to the point that there'll be quite a few rumors and scandals you'll be involved in. Your interest in men never seems to end. The tendency to jump from one flower to another gives you the playgirl image.

Life: Even marriage doesn't stop you from being independent. Your great conversational and social skills make you restless to meet new people. An advice concerning your career is that you should choose an occupation that isn't highly competitive because it will deteriorate your health. A business of your own would also suit you very well, especially if it is a boutique or a hair salon.


Good: Your best matches are A-type or B-type Aries, Leos and Libras and B-type Sagittarius.

Bad: Men who don't have fashion sense (e.g.: pants and slippers) and take you to dungy pizzeria are the most abhorrent creatures to you. Other people who you will not get along with are O-type Cancers, Capricorns, and Taurus because. They drive you crazy with their jealous tendencies.

Libra & B-type
September 23 - October 22

for Men
Personality: Your bright personality shines on people. They appreciate your honesty and you hardly ever argue with others. Be careful whom you show your selfish nature to because it will separate you from many. You are a strong character.

Love Tendency: Although your selfishness is apparent in your personality, relationships are a different story. You are humble to your girlfriend. You easily give up your place if your girlfriend chooses another man over you. There's sort of a distance you keep from women. That's why you don't tend to fall deeply in love.

Life: You don't like to bother people with trivial matters and that goes the other way around. Concerning your health, you will have some back problems, which you abused in your younger years.

for Women
Personality: If there's a party going on, you're there. It's not just for your own benefit but others love to have you there because you make it that much more enjoyable. However, outside of that your social skills should be more polished. Sometimes you present yourself as a rude and egotistical person. It'll take a while until you fall madly in love and that's when your image as the icy woman finally gets crossed out.

Love Tendency: You think love comes without any restraints. It's easy for you think that relationships should be carefree. This is why you detest complicated matters, such as love triangles. Why bother with these problems if you can find another man without any strings attached?

Life: You had a knack for curiosity since you were a child and may have looked more mature than your peers due to this. Wherever you work, you will receive laudatory comments. But the real satisfaction will come to you when you open up your own business. This will strengthen you spiritually and mentally. It will be during this time that you will meet your potential husband.


Good: O-type Aries, Gemini, Aquarius and Leos are emotional and mental pillars to you. Patient people are also good for you. B-type and O-type Leos, AB-type Scorpios, O-type Aquarius

Bad: A-type Cancers tend to be selfish in their own right. They need you to pay attention to them and therefore there doesn't exist a definition of shared love. The jealous A-type Capricorns are too much for you

Libra & AB-type
September 23 - October 22

for Men
Personality: There are hardly any flaws about you. Your style and sense are always enjoyable and that's why no one finds it difficult or boring to spend time with you. One thing you could try to improve on is your mistrust for others. You are afraid to show your weakness to others and this makes it difficult to become close to others.

Love Tendency: Women are attracted to your overall strength. Your popularity makes it easy to find a girlfriend for yourself. However, you wait for the opposition to make a move on you because you like to keep up that stud image.

Life: You are destined for a turbulent and an exciting life. Your popular status as a sociable person earns you much praise at work, which is beneficial to your career. Try to be less mistrusting to others because it will be take a toll on you. Money and trustworthy friends are around you, so you should thankful for that.

for Women
Personality: You are an attractive and smart woman but sometimes you come across as a person without any feelings due to your clear-cut rationality.

Love Tendency: You're greatly troubled with your failing relationships. One reason why this occurs is because you don't allow yourself to open up to your partner. You're afraid to get hurt and that's why you keep your distance.

Life: The expression of "friends come and go" fits you correctly. You don't have friends who stick around too long but there'll always be someone there for you. With the changing friendships, you evolve as a new person, too.


Good Match: Your great matches are A-type Aries, AB-type Gemini, and A-type or B-type Aquarius. You are a demanding woman to men. The men who can responsibly take care of you are A-type Leos, Capricorns and Pisces, A-type or AB-type Cancers, and A-type or B-type Scorpios. An organized and cleanly person would be suitable for you. Bad Match: O-type Sagittarius and Pisces are least compatible matches for you who will hurt you in the end.

Scorpio & A-type
October 23 - November 22

for Men
Personality: Good things come to you because you have the patience. You are quiet and shy, so it's no wonder that people call you an introvert. Even in social functions you rather enjoy listening to what others have to say than starting your own conversation.

Love Tendency: Being the shy guy you are, you usually don't have the courage to confront the person you like directly. You admire the person from far away instead until you receive some sign of affection from her. You have the great

Life: Although you are an erudite person, you tend to shield that with modesty. Everything you do has to be done with meticulous attention. You gain respect from your colleagues due to this but sometimes. Try to work on your efficiency.

for Women
Personality: You are the type who sits inconspicuously in the back of the room at any gathering. Therefore it's not surprising that you don't approach someone first. You are amazingly loyal to your friends who share the pain with them when they are experiencing the blues. Helping people is your specialty and thus you don't engage in arguments. That's one thing that would make you really upset.

Love Tendency: Your perseverance shows through in your relationships because you don't give up too easily without putting up a fight. You truly stay committed to your partner through thick and thin.

Life: You don't have many friends around you but they are the best. Due to your lack of organizational skills, working at the top of the management is a challenging job. However, you don't like to be bossed around either. An actress who has freedom to choose her project would be a great match. You aren't a social butterfly but try be a bit more outgoing.


Good Match: Great loves are right around the corner with you and O-type Taurus, Virgos, Capricorns, and Pisces. You will receive much comfort and peace from them. You don't have to even speak a word with them but there's a unique connection with A-type or AB-type Cancers, A-type Virgos, and AB-type Pisces. They people who will never betray your love.

Bad Match: B-type Leos are too attached to formalities and are in constant need of approval from their partners. Even though they have much affection towards you they will never show that to you directly. B-type Aquarius aren't compatible either because they are anything but loyal to you.

Scorpio & O-type
October 23 - November 22

for Men
Personality: People get a great first impression from you. You look honest and trustworthy but at times you look so serious that people find it difficult to approach you. When things trouble you, they get bottled up right inside you. You'd rather deal with them on your own than to confide to others.

Love Tendency: It takes you a long time before you decide that you would like to go out with a particular person. You are very careful and that's why you will have only few serious relationships. The honest person you are, you will break it off with a partner if you realize you haven no affection for her.

Life: You love to pay attention to details, so everything you start has to stop with a hundred percent satisfaction. Your social skills are lacking. Therefore, a working place where much interaction is much needed isn't suitable for you.

for Women
Personality: You are a bright and vivacious person but sometimes you go overboard that you hear the word "nagging." People think you are a reserved person but things are constantly brooding in your mind. That's why it's hard for anyone to figure you out.

Love Tendency: The person you'd like to share your lifetime with has to be one who will never even think about deceiving you in any way. Your stubbornness will succeed in the end because you will meet an honest man in the end.

Life: You'll experience some tough times during your younger years because your pride gets in the way. You are labeled as a self-centered person, which doesn't hinder you from having close trustworthy friends. Those might be the only ones you keep in your lifetime.


Good Match: A-type or B-type Taurus and Aquarius and B-type Capricorns are men who will make you happy. They are wholly involved in this relationship and that's why you don't have to worry about them cheating on you. B-type and O-type Cancers are great comforters.

Bad Match: AB-type of Aquarius AB-type of Leo

Scorpio & B-type
October 23 - November 22

for Men
Personality: Acting according to your emotions makes you a temperamental person. Your mood swings present some difficulties but this in turn also shows that you aren't a dishonest person. Your health is much as important as your amazing working skills. Make sure you balance them out.

Love Tendency: You stand out in the crowd because your unique abilities. You enjoy being around women and that's why you will hear people calling you a "player." Even though there'll be plenty of women around you, the one you really catch your attention are the ones who are as interesting as you. The seriousness of a commitment and marriage hardly cross your mind.

Life: Your diverse interests make you a great candidate for any employment. The problem is that you don't find the patience to last at certain jobs for a long time. You tend to seek praise and acceptance from others too much. Try to satisfy your own goals.

for Women
Personality: Controlling your rolling temper is the best measure to take, if you would like your friends to remain beside you. Other than that your chirpy personality gravitates people toward you.

Love Tendency: Even when it comes to men, you are direct and honest. If you like them you tell them and if you don't, you tell them too. You don't see anything in front of you once you fall deeply in love with someone. This might be a time of happiness for you but friends and family around you worry about you constantly that you are too involved in this relationship. You have to learn how to balance this and your other responsibilities.

Life: You are destined for a great future. A charming family and husband will be a part of this life. But don't expect everything to be too content with your life but rather expect the unexpected. Otherwise, things will hit you with a fry pan out of nowhere. Another suggestion is to be wise where you spend your money. You tend to relieve your stress by means of shopping but try not spend it on frivolous items.


Good Match: The most memorable love experiences would be with O-type Taurus, Cancers and Scorpios and AB-type Pisces and Capricorns. They will always be there to protect you. B-type and AB-type Virgos and O-type Pisces are unselfish partners who think of you first all the time.

Bad Match: A-type Leos are frustrating to you because they are constantly like to hear compliments from you and be accepted by you. They drive you crazy and due to your honest opinion, you guys are likely to argue a lot. If there are people who like to present themselves as cold people, they are the A-type Aquarius's.

Scorpio & AB-type
October 23 - November 22

for Men
Personality: A distinguished man on your own, you love the tranquility of solitude. It gives you the time to think about the worldly things in life. But your mild manners and understanding gives good reputation. Since you don't initiate any relationship with anyone you like, you tend to make less enemies. You can not tolerate being betrayed.

Love Tendency: Your warmth of your personality is your advantage in relationships. You're not a person who loses his composure, so you're not likely to get involved in an affair where you will fall in love head over heels over a woman.

Life: Sometimes you come off as being too pretentious because you want to satisfy everybody. However, one can say this to be a positive force, since this would help you to get ahead quicker in your career. Respect for your work ethics will come sooner than you expect. Your health will be in good condition, so that you don't have to worry about this

for Women
Personality: Your social skills aren't quite polished but your carefully chosen, soft-spoken conversations give a good impression to others.

Love Tendency: As a romanticist, you set up these high expectations in relationships and about marriage, too. A prince just like in fairy tales will show up and ask for your hand to dance. Be careful about your raging jealousy though. This might be a meddling problem in your relationships.

Life: Caution is your main motto. You take one step at a time in all your endeavors and that's why it makes you a stable and reliable person. There will be an important person whom you will befriend who will stick to you through thick and thin. This will also be the person who will help you through a few financial crisis. Earning a professional degree will be beneficial to you even after marriage.


Good Match: The several people who can show you what happiness is are the A-type Taurus, Cancers, Scorpios and Pisces, B-type or AB-type Virgos. They are able to envision your dreams and help make them come true. You enjoy your independence and people who equally value that are A-type and B-type Capricorns.

Bad Match: O-type Leos don't match with you because they pretend to be someone from what they really are. O-type Aquarius men should also be avoided.

Sagittarius & A-type
November 23 - December 21

for Men
Personality: You're very clever about what comes out of your mouth. Usually there are more things brooding in your head than what you actually say. People perceive you to be more of a private person but realize that you are easy to befriend.

Love Tendency: The problem you run into is that you fall in and out of love too easily. But you do have this coldhearted manner, which women are strangely attracted to. You are also a man without words but that doesn't stop you from experiencing many relationships.

Life: Stocks and the related financial market are career fields that you would do well in. Income will naturally derive to you but make sure you control you cash flow. People around you might say that you are too risky but it's nothing to worry about. Things will level out as you get older. Take some time out to check up on your health regularly.

for Women
Personality: Leading an independent lifestyle apart from your what you parents expect is your ultimate happiness because you absolutely detest restrictions. Friends are important to you and that's why you're always ready to help them with much dedication, as if their problems are really yours.

Love Tendency: Dating is an amusing pastime for you. This is why you will go through a few relationships before you even think about dating someone seriously. Sometimes the gossip is harsh on you because it will say that you lead a capricious lifestyle. You show no concerns about that because you know that you are a responsible person.

Life: You are a woman who looks forward toward the future and doesn't waver around in the past. Since you have set specific goals for yourself, you are adamant to achieve them, no matter what it takes. Being a housewife sounds so traditional but you aspire to be one, despite the stigma it carries. You'll be a great one too.


Good Match: O-type Sagittarius and AB-type Aries and Leos are people who will exactly know how you feel inside. They seem to have a sixth sense for that. O-type Aries and Aquarius are adventurous people who will hardly bore you when you are together. That's their charm.

Bad Match: B-type Cancers really test your patience. A-type Virgos will touch your nerves too much that it will get very annoying.

Sagittarius & O-type
November 23 - December 21

for Men
Personality: Optimism is a winning feature of yours. This and your enthusiasm for everything you're interested in will bring you far in all your endeavors. You are blessed with great friends and family that will support you even in your darkest of hours. However, you are quick to pick yourself up after any failure.

Love Tendency: You are very familiar with passionate romances. Your persistence usually results in your favor when it comes to chasing after the woman. However, that passion usually recedes when you finally have won the woman's heart. Basically, your attitude changes toward her.

Life: Your active lifestyle is set around a few set priorities. You are great at starting something new but find it difficult to finish. This is because you tend to lack the enthusiasm to research or do the actual physical part of it. You need to work on following through with your work.

for Women
Personality: If there's a bright, vivid person in a crowd of people, one will definitely be you. Sometimes your personality may be too bubbly or forward to some but that doesn't really stop you from being yourself. What's great about you is that you don't have any hidden agenda.

Love Tendency: People welcome you everywhere you go because of your dazzling personality. You'll have many guys chasing after you but that doesn't interest you as much because you enjoy chasing after them instead.

Life: Your independent spirit is part of you and will stay with you for good. There'll be times when you experience trouble conforming to the norm of society but don't feel discouraged. Your sporadic decisions lead to big changes due to small incidences in your younger years. There'll be a close friend whom you will lose sudden contact with. This will have a deep impact on your life.


Good Match: A-type Aries and B-type Gemini and Leos are great matches who will treasure your love and give even more in return. You will be attracted to a person who enjoys helping out others and who is involved in the community. A-type Sagittarius and A-type or B-type of Aquarius are bright people who enjoy just doing that.

Bad Match: AB-type of Virgos worry too much about their problems, which would greatly affect you too. AB-type of Cancers are too self-centered that you will find it difficult to satisfy the attention they seek.

Sagittarius & B-type
November 23 - December 21

for Men
Personality: You are a spontaneous person who lives day by day. This is why you cherish your independence without having any strings attached. Sometimes you have the tendency to shock people with your pursuits but they are harmless.

Love Tendency: Keeping secrets are not in your blood. This is why you are honest as to how you feel toward anyone. You don't like to play mind games but rather take the straight, sincere approach instead.

Life: You abhor rigidity and pleasing other people. Finding a satisfying career will be a challenging task but anything that will encourage creativity and independence will suit you the best. Freelancing might fit the best category. There'll be no monetary worries for you, once you settle down with the career of your choice because you are very passionate about work.

for Women
Personality: You enjoy a carefree life but that's why your indecisiveness might trouble you at times. Decisions are made so quickly that you tend to regret them afterwards. One thing you do right is choosing your friends. Concentrate on one aspect instead of many or else your focus fades too fast.

Love Tendency: Bright and vivacious; you are surround by popularity. This is why there are quite a few admirers who are just waiting for you to recognize them. You, on the other hand, enjoy fishing them out of the sea. Anything else is too easy for you. Commitment seems to be a difficult matter for you because you seek for the fun things in life more than tranquility.

Life: Your great sense of humor usually elevates you out of the crowd. This asset will get you far with people and with your pursuit of happiness. If your organization skills will improve, you will have a greater chance to make it far in terms of your career.


Good Match: O-type Aries and Leos are people whom you would be able to share a happy relationship with for a lifetime. AB-type Sagittarius fit into this category as well. B-type and O-type Libras and AB-type Aquarius would also match with you if you are willing to put in some effort.

Bad Match: A-type Pisces people can somber your day because they drag you down with them. A-type Virgos are best to be avoided before matters get worse.

Sagittarius & AB-type
November 23 - December 21

for Men
Personality: You don't ever have to worry about a messy home because you make sure your place is impeccably clean. Curiosity takes you everywhere and some may think you are fickle because of this. The extraordinary characteristic about you is that you don't lose your sense of direction when you set a goal for yourself.

Love Tendency: Although you appreciate your independence, you don't refrain from relationships. Your partner needs to understand you in this aspect, so that you can have the space that you need for yourself.

Life: Your talents will enable you to succeed. The suffering aspect in life will be the social interaction. It's hard to keep friends by your side when you keep your distance and don't invest enough time for them.

for Women
Personality: The first impression that people get is that you are fragile. They find this need to protect you. But they are startled once they see your strength. New friendships seem to make you stronger.

Love Tendency: You perceive to others as a snob because of your high expectations in men. You're a late bloomer in the dating scene and you don't spend a moment with guys you think are not worth the time.

Life: You are more active than you look through people's eyes. This dynamic strength will help you survive the big commotions you face in life. A career that expects you to work at different times of the day, such as a flight attendant may suit you very well due to your high emotional well being.


Good Match: The cute matches for you are A-type of Aries and Leos and B-type Sagittarius. At times you may look conceited and snobbish but they are very good at leading you toward the correct direction in life. A-type and AB-type Libras also make a good couple with you.

Bad Match: You are better off without O-type Pisces people because they are too temperamental. Another troubling sign would be the B-type Cancers because they are too self-involved in being popular within the social circle. Their interest in superficial topics leads to desperate thoughts to escape.

Capricorn & A-type
December 22 - January 19

for Men
Personality: Shyness is the main factor why you're distant from other people. This also avoids the attention on you. Although you're a difficult person to approach to, you are easy to get along with once the bond is broken.

Love Tendency: You're truly inexperienced with relationships. This innocence may be appeal to women because you simply can't betray anyone. Your main concern is not to deal with capricious women. But they may all change if you fall in love because you're a very forgiving person.

Life: A great characteristic about you is your steadfastness in everything, including your career. This is why you will not be laden with many job changes in life. You abstain from things that you may think are bad news. Marriage will create much happiness for you.

for Women
Personality: You're blessed with this fortitude that is very helpful in pursuing your goals. Meddling situations are solved in no matter of time. No wonder you're the exemplary problem solver. There are times you need to raise your voice to let your opinion be heard.

Love Tendency: You lack the allure that men find appealing. But anyone who searches for an honest woman will be lucky to find you. Dating will come to you later than others. Don't be bothered by it because it will be worth the wait.

Life: Things may not work the way you want them to be. Hard times will be in store for you in your younger ears but happiness will fall into place two-fold in your later years. Learn to rely on yourself instead of depending on others for help.


Good Match: O-type and A-type Taurus and Scorpios. AB-type Capricorns and Pisces also are great for you. They and you share the same destiny line that you are able to share the tribulations and happiness of life together. Since you dislike people who are superficial, the down-to-earth AB-type Taurus and O-type Virgos will suit you right.

Bad Match: A fickle person, just like B-type Aries would not be helpful in any way. B-type Libras are too nonchalant and insensitive for you.

Capricorn & O-type
December 22 - January 19

for Men
Personality: Sometimes you're too serious for people to interact. You're familiar with the notion that reality bites and that's why you're a cautious person. Whenever you set a goal for yourself, you work hard to follow through with it. You tend to hang out with men because they're more comfortable to be with.

Love Tendency: Although people think you're a serious person at the beginning, they soon find out that you're a real joker. You're popular with the opposite sex and you enjoy socializing with them. It's a different story when true commitment comes into play. You're afraid to be in a serious relationship because that is a role that you're afraid to assume. The women you are attracted to aren't the quiet types but the social butterflies, who are straight to the point.

Life: There's much affection and warmth in your heart. You'll enjoy a stable life because you actively take charge of your life and due to your dedicated persistence. The career field in a company looks promising, as long as you don't venture out to start your own business.

for Women
Personality: Honesty is the highest principle you abide by. Although you are an introvert, you still possess the charm to attract people to your conversations. People are compelled by your sincerity and tenderness. You stand on your ground when you disagree with someone but your lips are sealed when your friends ask you to keep a secret.

Love Tendency: Overwhelming emotions get in the way at times but they are charming when it comes from you. You enjoy chasing after your guy than the other way around. Usually you go for the physical appearance first. But your criterion changes when it deals with choosing your future husband.

Life: You're not a couch potato but the type who enjoys outdoor activities. Active involvements in the matters that interest you are important to your happiness. Don't be afraid to take a chance to risky opportunities.


Good Match: A/B-type Taurus, Capricorns, and Pisces will be people who would fill your life with happiness. They and O/B-type Cancers are great partners and people who are willing to put in their best effort for this relationship. Since you have thoughtful consideration for others, you expect your partner to be sensitive, too. A-type Virgos and A/O-type Scorpios will love you to the end.

Bad Match: People have to be sincere to be your friends but there tend to be people who exaggerate with that. AB-type Cancers tend act this way. AB-type Libras aren't matching partners for you either.

Capricorn & B-type
December 22 - January 19

for Men
Personality: There's no hint of pretense in you. Even when you speak, people can't find you being hypocritical at all. But there lies the danger of people judging you as being rude. Some people may avoid you because they are afraid to hear the truth. This is also the reason why your honest nature might not help your image.

Love Tendency: Your girlfriends might think that you're not a romantic person or that you don't pamper them enough but you do have a great quality. Honesty is a very important factor in a relationship. You have plenty of that. One advice is to work on smoother conversations. You need to modify your conversations to be softer if you don't want your girlfriend to walk out the door.

Life: If you enjoy your job, you have a chance to be very successful. It is due to your honest nature that people will trust you and follow you as a leader. But you will most likely stay out of the service sector and build on your career where you would be able to move around freely.

for Women
Personality: You're a strong-willed and capricious woman. You make friends quickly because you act according to other people's needs. Great things are in store for you. Use your focused mind to your advantage. Capricorns are normally very caring people and you, out of all of them, are most involved to help out others.

Love Tendency: Men are attracted to your lovely, innocent nature. You take relationships with the opposite sex very seriously and that's why you hardly build friendships with them. This is why dating is out of the question for you, unless you meet a man whom you think will be suitable to start a future with. You're not the superficial type who's interested in the aesthetic appeal of men but you make that they have a lot of human warmth.

Life: You make a great friend and your relatives are delighted every time you participate in a family gathering. Make sure you decide early what path you want to take in terms of your career. You will work with a dedicated heart, if you set a goal for yourself. Financial matters are in firmly in your hands because you're a great saver.


Good Match: O/B-type Cancers and AB-type Scorpio and Virgos are picture perfect couples. They are understanding toward your sometimes, unbalanced personality and love you whole-heartedly. B-type and O-type of Taurus are partners that you will also match with.

Bad Match: Although you're capricious in nature, you adamant about keeping promises. This is why you dislike people who are disorganized and who can't be dependable. A-type Sagittarius wouldn't match with you because they tend to be out of focus and you would encounter too many rough arguments with them. A-type Libras should also be avoided because they usually hide their true intentions from you.

Capricorn & AB-type
December 22 - January 19

for Men
Personality: Your curiosity leads to many explorations and there is always one in store for you. With the help of your ambitions, success will be around the corner. You are a sociable person when you have to but you rather enjoy spending time on your own. People might think you're shy but it's due to your individualistic nature.

Love Tendency: Your popularity with women is incredible, especially because you have a fashionable sense. But be careful about who you choose as love interests. You might run into trouble if you leave things undone in a relationship.

Life: You're determined to reach the goals you set and your life will be dedicated to these visions. Persistence will pay off and you will realize that people truly respect you for that. You will achieve recognition for your achievements from the surrounding peers. Although you will not start out small, you should be careful to pursue your goals moderately.

for Women
Personality: Sometimes people think you have superhuman strength because you're able to tackle a few tasks at once. You're fearless even if big obstacles get into your way. They are taken as interesting challenges. Elitism is in your blood and your peers are intimidated by it. Make sure you don't harm people with your all too often sarcastic remarks.

Love Tendency: You will often experience crushes and admire men from afar. Although you have an outgoing personality, your pride doesn't give in to make the first move in these situations. Your stinging remarks also don't help, so it would be in your best interest to polish your conversation.

Life: The ultimate career woman is you as long as you pick the suitable job. But you do possess the resilience to make it big. You'll have people to depend on because friends and relatives are there for support whenever you're in a slump.


Good Match: Your aspirations in every matter are higher than anybody else. A-type Taurus, Cancers, Capricorns and Pisces would use all means to make you happy. You're attracted to people who are part of the elite society because you're intelligent yourself. B-type Virgos and Scorpios are sincere people who will also satisfy your intellectual curiosity.

Bad Match: If you would like to live in peace, O-type Libras should be avoided. They're people you will not be able to decipher. O-type Aries don't match with you either because they spend their money too lavishly.

Aquarius & A-type
January 20 - February 18

for Men
Personality: You give off a great impression to everyone and people feel comfortable next you. Another admirable character about you is that you don't push the limits of others but rather wait patiently. The only aspect where you might clash with people is due to your creative nature. Your originality makes you see things in a different light.

Love Tendency: Your love is based upon honesty and sincerity. But there'll be few women who will grab your attention to get to this level of relationship. You prefer friendships where you don't have to worry about providing candlelight dinners and romantic spots.

Life: Teamwork is very important to you and that's why you will make a great employee. You're constantly making sure that you don't work individually and are sensitive toward other people's needs. Your patience and fortitude will pay off in the future.

for Women
Personality: You surprise people with your sudden changes in personality. One moment you are quiet as a lamb but if something happens to your dislike, your dark expression shows through. But people still enjoy having you around because you don't act upon individualistic motives and due to the spunk you give off.

Love Tendency: Don't worry about falling in love so hard that you can't think of anything else. That will not happen because you possess these frigid emotions when it deals with intimate relationships. You tend to be detached from relationships but that doesn't mean that you're a cheater.

Life: Concerning your career, you would have to be more dedicated to follow through with the projects you work on. You tend to have that problem and that's why you will not gain any respect unless you possess this. Even in other aspects of your life, you leave things undone that you will regret later on.


Good Match: A-type of Gemini, AB-type Leos, and O-type Libras will be partners who are truly able to sympathize your feelings. You enjoy chattering the night away with your partner and that's why it's necessary to find someone that will be able to accommodate that.

Bad Match: There are people who will be screaming for your attention constantly. If they don't receive that they'll be raging with jealousy. B-type Scorpios will lead you to a relationship like that. B-type Taurus also don't suit you because you will clash with their ideal life style.

Aquarius & O-type
January 20 - February 18

for Men
Personality: Thanks to your unique expressions people remember you all the time. Your vivacious actions are also lasting impressions. With your leadership quality, you have the opportunity to direct any team you're in charge of.

Love Tendency: You're one of the favorite guys whatever social gatherings you attend. No wonder you have women surrounding you all the time. But your old fashioned nature tends to stay away from women. You feel more comfortable when you're hanging out with the guys.

Life: Your strong sense of direction makes you a qualifying candidate for success. There won't ever be a time when you give up on something you started. Your creativity will help you avoid difficulties or problems that arise at work.

for Women
Personality: Today's modern and bright woman is you and you're constantly on your toes to finish up some business. You would make a great leader because you have this quality where people are willing to follow your commands. People might think you're rude at times but that is one way to stay alive in real life. This is why you get along better with men than women.

Love Tendency: Men outnumber even casual friendships in your life. This might portray you as a capricious woman but that doesn't matter to you. You are able to date several men at one time and not think that there isn't anything wrong about it. Relationships to you are a way to explore for the right person.

Life: Make sure you remember that your friends are the key to your happiness. Try not to neglect them with your busy excuses. Your career will be the priority in your life and that's why you will receive important projects from higher authorities, who know that you're persistent.


Good Match: A-type Libras and B-type Gemini and Leos would make compatible partners with you. They'll be able to fulfill your wishes and are able to listen to your complaints all the time. B-type Scorpios and A-type Aquarius are also promising partners.

Bad Match: You have big dreams about your future and accordingly. AB-type Scorpios and Capricorns would not match with your grand vision because they worry about the littlest matter. They will perceive you as a cold and insensitive person.

Aquarius & B-type
January 20 - February 18

for Men
Personality: There's no hidden agenda in your personality. You're very sincere and you expect others to be the same. That's where the disappointment may come in though because some people just might betray your sincerity. Your weakness is that you make decisions according to your emotions.

Love Tendency: Women are drawn to your creative spirit. This makes you a very popular guy. You could have many love interests but you avoid that all because you don't want them hurt at the end. It's better for you to stay cool and not to start anything that may end up being a problem.

Life: You're the ultimate idea man. It's surprising to others how you repeatedly come up with unique and original concepts. There will be times when people don't understand your ideas because they seem too far-fetched but you will survive them. Your peers respect you though and you're popular among your circle of friends.

for Women
Personality: You give off a cheery and luminous atmosphere that people find very comforting. There's no pretension and you don't hide anything from others. People might mistake your independence as selfishness. But time will tell that this isn't your personality.

Love Tendency: Weekends are very busy for you because phone calls from men stream in constantly to ask you out on a date. You're not a choosy person and tend to give all men the benefit of the doubt. You will experience many relationships but there'll only be one man you will constantly have on your mind.

Life: There's no way you would ever want to lose to a man because you never thought you are inferior to them. Your trouble is that you plan these goals but fail to follow them through. You need to work on your persistence if you want to accomplish something worthwhile in your career.


Good Match: O-type Gemini and Leos and AB-type Libras are the best matches for you. They are great companions because they will provide interesting and stimulating conversations. People with vitality who can take challenges any time, such as O-type Aries and Sagittarius and B-type Gemini also match with your personality.

Bad Match: A-type Taurus and Scorpios would make terrible partners for you because they will really bore you. You're full of vivacious spirit and love to discover new things. Those signs worry about their safety first. They will also be too conservative for you.

Aquarius & AB-type
January 20 - February 18

for Men
Personality: It's difficult to approach you because you give off a cool impression. Surprisingly though, you have many friends and you even enjoy socializing with strangers. But even your friends have a hard time figuring out what you are really thinking inside. It would help to open up to them in an honest way.

Love Tendency: You're not satisfied with the average woman but seek for someone who has the same level of intelligence as you. You try to stay away from relationships that are too complicated and don't enjoy women who play mind games with you.

Life: You will probably work at a place where it emphasizes teamwork. You have aspirations as an individual but it will be difficult to pursue those dreams if you're too scared to leave the comforts of a salary life. Since you value you the spirit over substance in humans, you're at peace to have your true friends around you.

for Women
Personality: You're a calm and controlled person. You may come off as a mild-mannered woman but there's something you hide from others. People will follow you as a leader. Friends, on the other hand, will change all the time and people might criticize you for it.

Love Tendency: There are quite a few times when men don't see you as a woman because you don't play with their affections. You don't like to be pampered and you act as if you're just one of the buddies. Then you wonder why men don't find you attractive. It would work if you show off your femininity.

Life: Your first impressions to others are positive and your social skills are usually impeccable. This will benefit you as you're pursuing your goals. You will put in all your dedication to get to the top but take your time. Work will destroy your health if you're not taking care of yourself.


Good Match: A-type Gemini and Leos and B-type Libras will make you a very happy person. They respect your life style and don't try to change that either. You're automatically attracted to intellectual people because you're bright in your own right. AB-type Gemini and A-type Sagittarius encourage your intellectual nature to come forward.

Bad Match: You don't enjoy associating with irrational people. Another pet peeve is to be pretentious to gain something in return. O-type Leos and Scorpios may be this way and the reason why you should stay away from them.

Pisces & A-type
February 19 - March 20

for Men
Personality: You are a quiet and reserved person. This is the reason why people label you as being feminine all too often. You don't like to be the center of attention at social gatherings but quietly retreat back to make sure that someone else is in the spotlight. People will take advantage of you because you are too shy to say what is on your mind. So be strong to take your stance.

Love Tendency: The romantic side of you hardly fades, even as you get older in your years. You get so caught up in your love interest that you often aren't able to concentrate on other important matters. In other words, you really fall hard for her. Dating would be a lot easier if you find the courage to approach the woman.

Life: You're truly far from being selfish. When there is opportunity lurking around the corner, you rather give the chance to the person next to you than take it for yourself. The most suitable career would be in mass communication or the in the Arts. You're such a flexible character that you'll be able to work at a 9 to 5 job and work independently at the same time.

for Women
Personality: People find it easy to ask you for favors because you hardly deny them. This will just make your life more complicated. There are certain situations when you have to say "no." You come off as an angel but it will be to you disadvantage because people can easily deceive you. Try not to trust everyone you meet.

Love Tendency: Being in love is the ultimate piece of happiness for you. The romanticist that you are, nothing else could replace this precious and beautiful feeling. You are naive and think that all men are trustworthy. There should be more scrutiny when you meet new men. Don't get married too early because there is a possibility that you will step to the altar for the second time.

Life: You don't have to worry about big calamities in life, especially with the financial matters. There'll always be a way to survive these problems. You also possess a talent that shouldn't go to waste. Put it into good use and you will achieve success in that field.


Good Match: O-type and AB-type Cancers, Taurus and Capricorns are people that will bring you a lot of bliss. These three signs are able to guide you in amazing ways. Partners who will not betray are A-type Taurus, O-type Scorpios, and AB-type Pisces.

Bad Match: B-type Sagittarius and Gemini easily break promises and don't even feel guilty about that. They are trouble for you because what you will feel is betrayal.

Pisces & O-type
February 19 - March 20

for Men
Personality: You're a peaceful and emotional person who combines the two to a positive level. Another great attribute is that you are very honest to yourself. You are willing to fix the problems about you to become a better person.

Love Tendency: There's this great aura about you that you don't even have to move and women will approach you first. Your laid back attitude is priceless in the game of dating. You don't even have to make the initial advancement for dates but you will go through many relationships. Many of them of them will be more for fun than any serious affair.

Life: You tend to be more comfortable working in an independent environment, rather than settling for a regular salary occupation. Your creative nature tends to lead to a field where it involves the Arts. The problem that you will run into is that you love to start a project but you need to work on your persistence to be able to finish it, too. You also get bored of things too easily, which you have to be able to control.

for Women
Personality: Sometimes you need to get a dose of reality because you isolate yourself too much from it. But people aren't aware of it because you tend to cover it very well with your leadership role and great sense of responsibility. People favor you a lot and that's why you are the pick for "Ms. Popularity" all the time.

Love Tendency: A romanticist in all aspects, you dream a lot when you find the spare time to do so. Your beauty, inside and outside, gives men great reasons to find you very attractive. You shake men's emotions with your gentle and affectionate personality that they are inclined to draw towards you. Your weakness is that you give in to men's proposals too easily because you feel bad if you don't.

Life: Your compassion for others is to the point that you sacrifice yourself. Thus, you help others but never think about receiving anything back. You need to devise a plan, so that others will not be able to deceive you. There'll be many obstacles as a young adult when you have to regain your composure.


Good Match: A-type and O-type Cancers, Scorpios, and Capricorns will make you feel special all the time. People with confidence, such as A-type and B-type Taurus are also great prospects.

Bad Match: AB-type Gemini and AB-type Sagittarius aren't the types you should think of as partners. They are so selfish that they criticize you when you happen to help a friend in need and tire you out with their complaints.

Pisces & B-type
February 19 - March 20

for Men
Personality: Your motto is "what you is what you get." Honesty prevails over everything else. You pursue the things you like with persistence but you've got to be careful that you don't get sick of them too easily. It's easy for you to socialize with people, so you naturally have many friends and acquaintances. You appreciate the finer things in life and this shows through your clothes. Thus, your spending habits tend to be too extravagant at times.

Love Tendency: Your orderly conduct and bright personality draws a lot of attention. You enjoy being in the company of women and therefore will be involved in quite a few relationships. There's a likelihood that you will no be satisfied with your first marriage, which will lead to a second one.

Life: You were an energetic since your infancy and this doesn't fade in your adulthood either. This lively spirit sets you apart from many usual characters and people will recognize your prominence. You establish your success very early on in your life because you're very passionate about your work. Be careful who you trust because there will be some who are waiting to see you fail so they could benefit from it.

for Women
Personality: Your sense of humor and shining personality automatically puts you in a favorable position at any social gathering. There is this very strong sense of determination in you, which means that you pursue your goals at all times. Your weak point is that you get bored of things too easily. This is due to your artistic abilities, which occupies your mind with various creative thoughts.

Love Tendency: The danger of getting bored easily also affects your relationships because your love starts quickly and fades away that way, too. You tend to devote all your time to your love interest with phone calls and pamper them with letters and presents. But this feeling only lasts until they show interest in you. Just be careful that you don't get a taste of our own medicine. You have a lot of pride and none of your relationships will be stable until your actual marriage.

Life: There's no hint of dishonesty in you, which also leads to many people trusting you. Your impeccable manner brightens anybody's day. This asset would make you a suitable contender as an employee in the service sector.


Good Match: The best fitting guardians for you are AB-type and O-type Cancers, Virgos, and Pisces. They have a way to pamper you in a very delicate way. O-type Taurus will give you unlimited affection and entertain you with humor.

Bad Match: Both of you are fickle in nature and that's where the arguments usually start. But these arguments turn into huge battlegrounds that neither of you are likely to give in. You and A-type Sagittarius will split up end up in the end, while the blame for this breakup shifts to your direction. You will also not benefit from A-type Gemini because nothing you try will ever satisfy them.
Pisces & AB-type
February 19 - March 20

for Men
Personality: You're a very gentle person, which makes you very accessible to others. If your friends are in need for comfort, you're there for them in no time. You carry out other people's favor as if your life depends on that. It makes you happy when you're helping out others. But this is why your own accomplishment is lacking.

Love Tendency: Popularity among the girls doesn't fade for you. You're usually at the top when it comes to competing for a woman because you're a shining star compared to the other signs. But you're in for a few complicated problems because you're a weak-hearted person. Certain situations will be messy, unless you toughen up and express your true feelings in a dissatisfying relationship.

Life: You receive a lot of stress and sometimes you find it difficult to deal with that. Watch out for your health because it may get weak if you don't balance it with your mental strength. Stop helping out others and work toward your own success. You will not accomplish anything if only others are benefiting from what you do.

for Women
Personality: You have a weak heart and therefore are vulnerable to get hurt. This is why you put other people first before your own happiness. You'd make a great social worker due to your compassionate nature. You're not likely to pamper yourself because your romantic view expects someone else to do that for you.

Love Tendency: There exist two types of love for you. If you decide that money is important to you, then you are able to dump your current boyfriend for someone else who has the wealth. The other type of love is to settle for a man whom you enjoy being with and where money doesn't matter. You'll be battling with these two choices for a long time and this dilemma involves you in many relationships.

Life: The goals you set and the visions you have for the future work out differently than you intended but don't be discouraged by it. Realize that focusing on what you do in the present is much as important as concentrating for the future. Great fortune will be in store for you.


Good Match: The ideal signs for you are A-type and AB-type Pisces and Scorpios. In addition to that are AB-type Virgos. All of you are born with a common destiny that you are able to connect on a very deep level. A-type or B-type Taurus and B-type Capricorns aren't people with a lot of words but there's no need for conversation with these dates.

Bad Match: O-type Sagittarius have the tendency to ignore words they don't like to hear. You need a person who's willing to listen to everything. Another sign that will give you heartache is the O-type Gemini. Avoid them and you may have a chance to find bliss with others who are more suitable to your needs.

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